• Laura Beatty

I'll be right up front with you

If you have time to linger, here's the backstory ...
From jumping off the ivory art school tower landing in Gatlinburg Tennessee to ‘squirt’ (airbrush lingo) shirts amid greasy fried elephant ears and gas fumes, to now… WOW!
It’s been a great ride. Typical to life and its mysterious continuum, shirt squirting turned into canvas squirting, turned into, “Hey. What am I going to do with all this stuff?” That question turned into a brand new cargo van, filled with a family and a pile of artwork. The show went on the road. For 30 years I had the good fortune to travel around the globe selling a lot of artwork and making great friends. I mean, anybody who likes the work has to be a friend!   Now here I am, still traveling good ‘ol mama earth, not the bus-man’s holiday so much as taking it up into the virtual realm. Of course that could change. More on that later. (BTW…did you know that ‘giclee’ means ‘to squirt’. The future holds lots more goodies yet to be revealed. Remember, this is just the nutshell, so keep checking back. Oh, and be sure to let me know you stopped in CONTACT. I can’t wait to hear from old friends and make lots more new ones! 

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